about us

Bloc13 Agency has understood the power of the various dynamics that influence the fashion industry. With styling and buying trends constantly evolving, brands need to adapt and keep up…or be left behind, the power of social media cannot be ignored and is changing the way the adverts/commercials are now delivered. Smart TV’s, mobiles & tablets or computers…we live in a world where technology controls everything. THE INFLUENCER has now taken over this space and has become one of the most powerful sales driving force in this ever-changing industry.

We pride ourselves in understanding our client THE BRAND from high fashion models or ecommerce to urban and micro influencers that integrate with the brand and give them maximum exposure and best engagement returns.

We nurture and cherish the relationships we have built with our many Influencers and brands, growing Instagram accounts (personal and business), sending the correct audience tailored to your brand or account. We have a dedicated and passionate team supporting every campaign, sending you growth reports to ensure customer/client satisfaction…and we go the extra mile to deliver results!

Bloc13 is about understanding starting from the bottom building ‘BLOC’ by ‘BLOC’ all the way to the top….did you know the sky is always blue above the clouds?