Project Description

Chanelle Soncini

Influencer Outreach Manager

I’m Chanelle Soncini, an Italian, South African currently living in Pretoria, South Africa, where I’m
doing my Bachelor of Philosophy (BPhil) Honours in Marketing Management while working full-time
at Bloc 13 Agency, and modelling where I can through Boss Models.

I love travelling and being spontaneous – take me on a road trip, 14 hours, 6 hours, or 20 minutes
away and I’ll be happy! Fun fact – Weirdly enough I actually enjoy traffic (???). As long as I have a
good playlist and great sound, for me it’s almost like a “therapeutic bubble”.

I’m all about grabbing opportunities because I believe so many people are blind to such amazing
opportunities all around them, opportunities that could positively change their lives. I don’t want to
be another person that falls blind… Also, “FOMO” is a real thing!

A few extra fun facts:
© I tend to ramble on voice notes.
© I love macaroons and chai.
© I love my own space.
© I’ve been dead for +- 5 minutes.
© I laugh at my own jokes.
© My IG only portrays 30% of me.

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